Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wyrms of Cruinndrac Farms

Meet the current Horde of Wyrms from Cruinndrac Farms. Made by Hopeful Monster Studios on DeviantArt and FurAffinity.

They are as follows.

Mine (handler kai-nimura)
Green- Puppy
Red/Orange - Firaite
Pink - Cypress
Blue - Ateryu

My brother's (handler radarnocturn)
purple - Amethyst

Now you may be asking 'What in the world...?' Think adorable breedable, loveable dragons, cept without legs.aka Wyrms.

Go to the website for more information on what they are, and how you can aquire your own loveable little wyrm.

Cruinndrac Farms


Photographer : Amanda B.

Wyrms are the property of Amanda B. and Brian B.

Wyrms set 1 album

Monday, June 4, 2012

Product Placement

This is a shoot done for Amy U's college fashion portfolio. One of many to come, Amy is hopefully going to be majoring in costume design. She designed and made the jacket and clutch herself!

The shoot was an idea Amy had ever since she made the jeckt, I am happy with how it came out! Though it was rather messy, and Amy smelled like Heniz for quite awhile after the shoot, even after she showered!

Makeup was done by Guy T. who has modeled for me before.

Model: Amy U.
Makeup: Guy T.
Photographer: Amanda B.

Product Placement album

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Haunting Beauty

Meet Allison! A local Pittsburgh lolita, hailing from the state of New York. The state, not the city! ~she's a country girl born and raised! Not a city girl!~ She is one of the quieter ones of the Pittsburgh group, but surely one of the sweetest. She told me that there where very few good photos of her. So I made it my mission to increase that number!

She was a wonderful model, her outfit was amazing, and I believe the settings we located in Harmony, PA, suited her outfit and style rather well.  It's a very historic area that has some lovely settings. The stone gate is actually part of a cemetery! The house is the Harmony Inn, which is also a very nice restaurant. And it's haunted as well!

We brought along my Gloomy Bear, Zombie Bunny, and Strawberry Cavey to serve as adorable friends.

Model: Allison K.

Photographer; Amanda B.

A Haunting Beauty album

Friday, April 13, 2012


These are just a collection of random images I have taken and updated, No real models are inculded in this set. This set is also ongoing as I will be adding more random edited photographs to it. Some are from previous vacations, random shoots I have taken, and some from my personal life events that I have taken as well.

Photographer: Amanda B

*The above image was taken at my maternal grandparent's farm.*

Misc album

Not a Popstar

Tai, is also a good friend of mine. He's a B-Boy and an excellent dancer. So my idea for this was to play on the current -popular- trend of 'asian male popstars'. With Korean pop groups gaining fame and fans in the states. Tai was more then willing to play along, and looked foreward to getting his photograph taken. I have to say I am very pleased with this shoot. Though next time... He's going to have to remeber to drink water! He started suffering from the heat near the end of this shoot and we found him some water and some cool places to sit down to help him cool down!

Model: Mike Tai

Photographer; Amanda B.

Not a Popstar


EuroPop is the first photoshoot taken by my assistant Amy U. Guy and I had been talking about doing a photo shoot of the two of us in an early brit- goth/punk style. However, I lack the ability to pose and take pictures of myself at the same time. Amy, however was more then willing to give this a go.

After explaining to her the basics of the camera off she went! And she figured out things very quickly!

Models: Amanda B. , Guy T.

Photographer: Amy U.

EuroPop album

Break Me Down

Break Me Down, is a photoshoot loosely based off the punk and goth scenes, but it was really a good way to start working with my now recurring model Guy T. Amy and Guy both appear in this. This shoot was also part of the -EuroPop shoot-.

Models: Amy U., Guy T.

Photographer: Amanda B.

Break Me Down album